The pub (short for ‘public house’) is popular in many English-speaking countries like Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. It is an important part of British culture and often the centre of a community. Pubs can be found everywhere, from big cities to small villages.

Here is my top 10 UK pub vocabulary:

10. Barman/barmaid

This is the person who works behind the bar and serves drinks.

9. Local

This is the nearest or most convenient pub for someone to visit. Your ‘local’ is usually near your home or your place of work.

8. Beer garden

Not as spectacular as the German Biergarten, this is usually just a small outside area with some chairs and tables.

7. Regular

This is someone who comes to the pub very often and is known by the staff and other regular guests.

6. Pub Grub

This is the food served in a pub (‘grub’ is a slang word meaning ‘food’). Traditionally, this is simple food like fish and chips, although some pubs are now more experimental.

5. Pub Quiz

Pubs usually have one on a quiet evening during the week to attract more guests. They are usually taken very seriously, and prizes are awarded to the winners.

4. Last orders

This is your last chance to order drinks before the pub closes. Someone will usually either shout “Last orders, please!” or ring a bell to let everyone know. Until 2005, most pubs had to close at 11 p.m.

3. Bar

This is the long desk where you can order your drinks. It’s possible to sit or stand here to drink, or you can buy your drinks and then take them to a table.

2. Landlord/landlady

This is the person who owns the pub, or manages it for the brewery that owns it.

1. Pint

Order one of these and you’ll get a glass of beer. The measurement is equal to 0.568 litres. If someone asks you if you want to go for a pint, they usually don’t mean just one.