Many people tell me that they love reading English books, watching lots of English-language TV series or keeping up with the latest news in English every day online.

This is great! Seeing or hearing lots of vocabulary and phrases in everyday situations will help you to recognise them the next time you encounter them.

This won’t really, however, improve your speaking skills. To do this, you’ll actually need to speak!

The main challenge for people living in a country where English isn’t an official language is finding someone to speak to.

If you’re lucky, you’ll have a family member, neighbour or colleague who can speak English. They don’t necessarily need to be a native speaker, just someone who’ll give you the chance to put your thoughts into words.

And if you really can’t find anyone, it’s totally acceptable to speak English to yourself or your cat, for example, (although it’s probably not a good idea to do this in public!)

You’ll still need to focus on using the correct grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation, though; even native speakers won’t correct most of your mistakes. Only a proper English coach will do that!

Who do you speak English to?