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Native-speaking English trainer and coach based in Munich, Germany

Accent training

Understanding certain accents can be a big challenge, even if you have a high level of English.

If you have colleagues, business partners or clients in other parts of the world, it’s possible you’ll hear some accents on a regular basis.

Even though standard varieties of British and American English are relatively easy to understand, there are many accents and dialects. The English you’ll hear in London, Glasgow and New York will sound very different. Add the accents from countries like Ireland, Australia and South Africa, and the range of native accents is huge.

English is also an official language in countries like IndiaNigeria and Singapore, and the varieties of English spoken in these countries can even sometimes be a little tricky for a native speaker to understand.

And if you’ve ever heard non-native speakers from a country like Russia, China or Mexico speaking English, you’ll know that native languages can influence the way people speak English.

The secret to understanding these accents better is experience, and the analysis of speech patterns.

So if you’re interested in training that will help you to better understand your Indian colleague, your Saudi Arabian business partner or your American client, write to me at